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Nithyananda’s Kailasa running a scandal? Paraguay official replaced after deal with ‘fictional country’

A Paraguayan government official was replaced after it was revealed that he signed a memorandum of understanding with representatives of a fugitive Indian guru’s fictional country. Arnaldo Chamorro, who was the chief of staff for Paraguay’s Agriculture Ministry, had reportedly signed a “proclamation” with representatives of the United States of Kailasa.

“We’re thrilled to announce that the United States of Kailasa, the ancient Enlightenment Hindu Civilizational Nation, and the First Sovereign State for Hindus, has officially established a sister city relationship with Maria Antonia Municipality in Paraguay,” said KAILASA’s SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam on X.


Meanwhile, a copy of the agreement was also posted on social media. News agency PTI cited the agreement, saying the October 16 “proclamation” expressed a “sincere wish and recommendation for the government of Paraguay to consider, explore and actively seek the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States of Kailasa…”

Representatives of the “fictional” country met with Chamorro and Agriculture Minister Carlos Giménez, Chamorro said in a radio interview.

During the interview, Chamorro recognised he didn’t know where Kailasa was located and said he signed what he characterised as a “memorandum of understanding” because they offered to help Paraguay with a variety of issues, including irrigation, PTI reported.

Meanwhile, photos posted on Kailasa’s social media accounts showed representatives of the fictional country signing agreements with local leaders of the María Antonia and Karpai municipalities.

Kailasa, a fictional country

‘United States of Kailasa’ is a self-proclaimed country founded by Nithyananda, a controversial godman accused of rape and kidnapping who fled from India in 2019. He is wanted in India on several charges, including sexual assault. His whereabouts are unknown.

On Kailasa’s website, the fictional country is described as the “revival of the ancient enlightened Hindu civilizational nation which is being revived by displaced Hindus from around the world.”

Allegations of scandals

The representatives of a fugitive Indian guru’s fictional country appear to have duped several local officials in the South American country, PTI reported.

The report added that earlier this year, the representatives had managed to participate in a United Nations committee meeting in Geneva and also signed agreements with local leaders in the United States and Canada.

In March, Newark City Hall in New Jersey acknowledged it had gotten scammed when it signed a sister city agreement with Kailasa.

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Updated: 01 Dec 2023, 05:45 PM IST


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