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How the Tesla Cyberbeast compares to other high-priced electric pickups

After keeping some key specs close to its proverbial chest, Tesla is finally sharing more details about the final production versions of the Cybertruck electric pickup.

Tesla published battery, speed and other stats during its delivery event on Thursday, during which the automaker went out of the way to compare the Cybertruck to some of its competitors, including Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Rivian’s R1T.

We know the more affordable Cybertruck isn’t coming for a while, but Tesla aims to deliver its maxed-out variant — the Cyberbeast — sometime next year. Here we’ll check in on how the high-priced model compares (as far as specs go) to a few other fancy electric trucks on the market.

Range-wise, Tesla estimates the Cyberbeast will go 320 miles on a single charge (or more, with an external battery pack). Ford, meanwhile, says its 2023 F-150 Lightning Platinum features a 300-mile range. Rivian says its maxed-out RT1 (quad-motor AWD) will go farther: 328 miles on a single charge.

The Cyberbeast is indeed a beast — weighing in at 6,843 lbs, Tesla says. Yet, that’s less than an F-150 Lightning Platinum (6,893 lbs) and Rivian RT1 (7,148 lbs). Increasingly, supersized EVs are simply the standard, to the detriment of basically everyone else on the road.

As for maximum towing, Tesla markets 11,000 lbs for the Cyberbeast, tying Rivian’s claimed max towing capability and falling short of Ford’s advertised max of 15,900 lbs.

Length-wise, the Cybertruck sits in the middle of the pack at 223.7″ long. Ford’s high-priced EV pickup is a bit longer, at 232.7″, while Rivian’s measures 217.1″ long. At 70.5″ tall, the Cybertruck is a bit shorter than EV pickups from Rivian (78.2″) and Ford (77.2″).

Lastly, speed: Tesla says the Cyberbeast tops out at 130 MPH, while Ford and Rivian both top out at 110 MPH.


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