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Can we hack photosynthesis to feed the world? | Steve Long

Steve Long, et al. | Science, 2022 | Article

RIPE Project | YouTube, 2020 | Watch

A quick explanation of the RIPE Project and its mission.

The New Yorker | Elizabeth Kolbert, 2021 | Article

Could tinkering with photosynthesis prevent a global food crisis? This article explains more in depth the RIPE Project’s work and ultimate goals.

Presentation to the Oxford Martin School | Steve Long, 2023 | Article

A more scientific look at the topics covered in the talk.

Robert Paarlberg | Harvard University Press, 2009 | Book

There is a lot of negative attention given to biotechnology in the wealthiest parts of the globe, which has kept these advances out of the places where it is most needed to solve world hunger.

Roger Thurow | PublicAffairs, 2013 | Book

Important for people to understand our “why.”

Antony Blinken | Office of Global Food Security, 2023 | Article

This speech is particularly relevant to this TED Talk, especially the following quotes on global food security: “We’re tackling a lot of challenges around the world, but if we don’t get this right, I actually don’t think anything else really matters,” and “Sustainable food production capacity comes down to two things: soil and seeds.”


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