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Israel-Hamas war Day 54: 12 hostages released, 30 Palestinians freed on 5th day of ceasefire deal | Top 10 updates

On Day fifth of the ceasefire deal, Hamas militants released 12 Israeli hostages while the IDF freed 30 Palestinian prisoners. The Israel_hamas deal to pause the prolonged conflict has been extended by two days beyond its original expiration on Tuesday morning. Hamas, which released about 50 hostages as part of the original agreement, is expected to free another 20 over the next two days, in exchange for a continuation of the release of Palestinian prisoners by Israel.

International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People: All you need to know

Israel-Hamas war top 10 updates:

  • The total number of hostages released by Hamas since the start of the truce last Friday now stands at 81, while Israel has freed 180 prisoners.

‘Limit further Palestinian casualties’: Biden warns amid Israel-Hamas truce

  • The US has airlifted over 54,000 pounds of Gaza-bound medical items and food aid to a staging area in Egypt amid a truce deal between Israel and Hamas.
  • The White House said that US officials see no indications that Hamas militants are refusing to release American hostages in Gaza in order to use them as leverage. The US believes Hamas is holding eight to nine Americans as hostages after the release of a four-year-old girl.

Israeli President urges Elon Musk to combat anti-Semitism on X

  • Turkey is planning to set up field hospitals and start providing health services in Gaza. Turkey dispatched a ship carrying medical equipment and supplies, including ambulances and eight field hospitals, to Egypt earlier this month.
  • For the first time since the cease-fire began last Friday, Israel and Hamas have traded accusations of a serious violation. The Israeli military said three explosive devices were detonated near its troops at two locations in northern Gaza, and that militants at one site opened fire on the troops, who fired back.
  • Hamas accused Israel of committing a “blatant breach of the cease-fire,” triggering retaliation by its fighters, without providing details. It said in a statement that it “was still committed to the cease-fire so long as the enemy is committed to it,” and urged mediators to intervene.
  • The 10-month-old was abducted from his home in a southern Israeli kibbutz on Oct. 7, when Palestinian militants snatched about 240 people and dragged them to Gaza.
  • The family of an infant hostage pleads for his release. Kfir, the youngest captive, was among about 30 children who were taken hostage in Hamas’ assault. Under a current temporary cease-fire, Hamas has released women, children, and teens, but Kfir hasn’t been included on the lists of those set to be freed.
  • The presidents of Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be called before Congress next week to address antisemitism on their campuses. College campuses have been roiled by protests and tensions since Hamas attacked Israel on 7 October.

Israel and Hamas to extend truce by 2 days, plan to release additional hostages

  • Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries support the further extension of the current pause in fighting in Gaza and future pauses to increase assistance and facilitate the release of all hostages.
  • Germany sees a sharp rise in antisemitism incidents. Germany recorded 994 incidents, which is an average of 29 incidents per day and an increase of 320% compared to the same time period in 2022.
  • The head of the United Nations has reiterated his call for a long-term truce in Gaza and the release of all hostages held by Palestinian militants. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for “a long-term humanitarian cease-fire, unrestricted access for lifesaving aid, the release of all hostages, the protection of civilians, and an end to violations of international humanitarian law.”

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Updated: 29 Nov 2023, 06:52 AM IST


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