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IT security: Nancy Faeser opens new center for cybersecurity in Bonn

In Bonn , Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) opened the new IT situation center of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Specialists from various disciplines will monitor Germany’s cybersecurity situation around the clock and exchange information with national and international security actors, the Interior Ministry said.

At the opening, Faeser emphasized that the threat to cybersecurity was high. Cyber attacks by hackers and state actors are increasing, and there is also a risk of disinformation, manipulation and forgeries generated by artificial intelligence. “We are arming ourselves against these threats,” said Faeser.

The new cybersecurity system has ten workstations in regular operation and, according to the BSI, is expected to evaluate around 2,800 reports of IT security incidents and security gaps per year. In addition, it will become a national IT crisis response center in the event of special incidents or IT crises. In an emergency, up to 100 security specialists could work together in an orchestrated manner, the Interior Ministry said. In addition, depending on the threat situation, other bodies could also be involved, such as the National Cyber Defense Center.

Faeser calls for more cooperation on cybersecurity

“With the new National IT Situation Center, we have created the infrastructure we need to substantially increase cybersecurity in Germany,” said BSI boss Claudia Plattner. Next, the cybersecurity architecture in Germany must be improved, for which the BSI should serve as the central office. This means that a uniform and precise assessment of threat situations can finally be achieved.

Faeser also supported the BSI’s plans and called for better cooperation between the federal and state governments in the fight against cyber attacks. The BSI, as the central office, described it as an “indispensable component for our cybersecurity”. The Federal Ministry of the Interior and BSI have presented a concept to the states and are preparing the necessary changes to the law.

The BSI recently discovered around 70 new IT vulnerabilities every day. The greatest danger therefore comes from attacks with so-called ransomware. Data is encrypted and only released again after a ransom is paid.


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