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IBM's ultimatum to its managers: return to the office or leave

The technology giant IBM has lost patience with its managers. He has warned them that they will have to reduce their remote work time if they want to keep their jobs.

The multinational company based in the town of Armork, 60 kilometers north of Midtown Manhattan, has asked all its managers in the United States to go to an office at least three days a week.

Employees will be able to choose between going to a company office or a client’s office to complete their workday. In addition, they will be required to live less than 80 kilometers from their jobs .

The changes that IBM intends to apply to combat teleworking are included in a memo, dated January 16, to which Bloomberg had access. In the content, managers are also notified that the company will use the data from the access credential to “evaluate the individual presence” of each one.

According to the document, employees will have until next August to relocate or complete the move near the offices, as established by the requirements. If they cannot do so, they will have to “separate from IBM.”

An IBM spokesperson confirmed the contents of the memo and explained that the company is committed to providing a work environment that balances flexibility with face-to-face interactions. “Consistent with that approach, we require executives and people managers in the US to be in the office at least three days a week,” the spokesperson said.

This change in favor of in-person work represents a shift on the part of IBM. In May, the company’s chief executive, Arvind Krishna, said he would not force employees to return to the office . Although he also warned that remote workers would be the losers when it came to getting promotions.

“In the short term, teleworking may be just as productive, but your career will be affected. Getting promoted from home to a higher position will be less likely because no one is watching you in another context,” Krishna added. He overlooked that this difficulty could turn against him when he seeks to incorporate new managers into his staff.


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