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Are you really as good at something as you think? | Robin Kramer

Robin S. S. Kramer et al. | British Journal of Psychology, 2022 | Article

Two experiments investigating unfamiliar face matching (deciding whether two photographs show the same person or not) provide evidence that people who perform better on the task are also those demonstrating greater insight into their performance.

Robert D. McIntosh and Sergio Della Sala | The Psychologist, 2022 | Article

Although the Dunning-Kruger effect has made its way into popular culture, there are clear reasons laid out in this article for why we should doubt its existence. But also for why its popularity seems to persist.

Eric C. Gaze | The Conversation, 2023 | Article

Using a simple mathematical approach and some randomly generated data, Gaze explains how the Dunning-Kruger effect is an artifact of research design rather than a bias in human thinking.

Robert D. McIntosh et al. | Royal Society Open Science, 2022 | Article

By asking people to complete a series of shape-based puzzles, McIntosh and colleagues take an advanced approach to understanding metacognitive insight. Their results show that the quality of metacognitive processing is unrelated to performance, so no evidence that the least skilled people are any different from the most skilled in this regard.

Robert Kurzban | Princeton University Press, 2012 | Book

As a result of evolution, Kurzban explains how the mind is made up of modules that sometimes do, and sometimes don’t, work together. Because of this, it might make sense for these modules to be “strategically wrong” at times, perhaps justifying our less-than-perfect self-insight.


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