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"Palworld": Pokémon on a spit

Pokémon! With weapons! That was many people’s first reaction when the first trailer for Palworld appeared in 2021. The players move through a game world filled with all sorts of colorful creatures, the Pals, with their help they build their settlement, collect resources, plant and harvest vegetables and, well, have the Pals produce machine guns on the assembly line so that they can use armed force later to subjugate enemy factions and unwilling Pals.

This combination of “aww, how cute!” and “wtf?” caused a lot of conversation, which has now turned into hype: Since last Friday, Palworld has been available as an early access title, i.e. as an unfinished pre-release version, for 29 euros on the PC and Xbox – and is already breaking records: over the weekend alone The game has sold more than four million copies. Only two other games in the history of the Steam gaming platform have managed to attract more than 1.5 million simultaneous players: Counter-Strike 2 and PUBG: Battlegrounds . This is a great success for the previously relatively unknown Japanese development studio Pocketpair.


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