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Telefónica guarantees LaLiga until 2027

The broadcast of five First Division matches per day for the paid residential market in Spain has been awarded for an amount of 1,290 million euros.

Telefónica and LaLiga end the conflict with the National Competition Markets Commission (CNMC). The regulator prohibited the operator from signing audiovisual contracts for sports rights for periods of more than three years as part of the restrictions imposed on the purchase of Canal+ in 2015 to avoid a dominant position for the telecom in the market. A limitation that collided with the contest that closed LaLiga in 2022 for five seasons with DAZN and Telefónica, which could not sign the contract for the full cycle as the streaming platform did and had to limit it to two and a half years.

Thus, the other two and a half years remained pending, which Telefónica managed to win yesterday after the tender that the employers’ association took out at Christmas. Specifically, it is done with the exclusive and paid broadcast in Spain of half (five) of the matches per day of LaLiga EA Sports (First Division) for the 2024/25 seasons (from January 20, 2025) by 250 million and for the 2025/26 and 2026/27 editions for 520 million each, as reported by the operator to the National Securities Market Commission.

The total cost therefore amounts to 1,290 million euros, which, according to LaLiga, “maintains the amount per season reached in the award made in December 2021 to the same operators at that time”, when it defends that it exceeded the value of the tender carried out four years earlier.

Legal security

The Spanish professional football manager adds that it has “promoted this award in the face of the legal uncertainty that could arise from Telefónica’s commitments in the Digital+ merger” and expresses its “satisfaction with this new award, taking into account the complexity of the current football market. audiovisual rights at the national and international level”. “It manages to maintain the disruptive configuration resulting from the latest awards in the domestic market that has led to better distribution of content and thus facilitating greater access to football by fans.”

With the broadcast of half of the league matchdays in Primera (the other half correspond to DAZN, which is not affected at all by the process closed yesterday), Telefónica will be able to select first choice in 18 matchdays and second choice in 17 matchdays of each season (or the corresponding proportion in the 2024/2025 season), including El Clásico of the second round (lot 1). Likewise, it has obtained the exclusive of one matchday in the 2024-25 season and three matchdays in the remaining ones, which contain ten matches each and will include matches between Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético de Madrid in which they face the best classified from the previous campaign (lot 3).

Telefónica assured yesterday that this formula “consolidates” its football offer and that Movistar Plus+ customers “will continue to enjoy” 100% of League matches as well as UEFA competitions until 2027.


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