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AI in class: When AI corrects class work

For Gert Mengel there is a time before and a time after ChatGPT. In January 2023, the head of the Don Bosco School in Rostock was at a congress for school principals. At the time, only four out of 50 knew ChatGPT, he says. It was only there that the remaining colleagues found out that the bot can also formulate texts that are quite suitable for homework in a very short time. At the congress, a real panic broke out, or so Mengel remembers. “Then they said we have to ban this immediately.”

A year later, not only students are using artificial intelligence – their teachers are too. The mood has changed, says Mengel. Today it is no longer a question of banning artificial intelligence from school networks, but rather of how to use it wisely – in lessons, in exams, but also when correcting.


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