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LG unveils walking 'AI robot' that should be able to determine the mood of users with voice and image recognition

In the run-up to CES 2024, LG has shown a prototype of a bipedal robot that should be able to realistically communicate with users using on-device AI via Qualcomm’s RB5 robot chip. The robot has few functions, for example it has no arms, but it can move on wheels. LG calls it a ‘walking smart home hub’, although it is not clear whether it can be connected to other smart home devices, so that users can command the AI robot to turn on the lights, for example.

LG does promise that the robot understands the ‘context and intentions’ of users through voice and image recognition. The ‘AI agent’ could thus decipher the mood of its owner and play matching music ‘or other content’. Just like Siri and Google Assistant, it can also provide weather forecasts and travel information, plan activities and send reminders.

Furthermore, the robot can serve as a surveillance camera and notify users remotely via an app if ‘suspicious activity’ takes place in the house, or keep an eye on pets, LG writes. The manufacturer also mentions that the device can let you know if users have forgotten to turn off the lights, or if a window is still open. Finally, the robot has sensors that allow it to measure air quality and temperature. A price and release date have not yet been announced.

Source: LG


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