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Microsoft Surface series 'gets a major overhaul', with a new look and a Snapdragon X CPU

According to sources from Windows Central, Microsoft is giving its Surface series a major refresh next year. In addition to an interesting hardware upgrade, the next Surface Laptop and Surface Pro would have new features and a new look.

This seems to mainly involve rounded corners on the screens of both models, and thinner screen edges on the Laptop. The screen of the 13.5″ Laptop version would therefore become slightly larger (13.8″), and the Pro tablet will have a brighter panel with support for HDR, and on top of that a less reflective coating.

The ‘Laptop 6’ would also have an extra USB-C connection (hopefully not at the expense of the 3.5 mm port), a pressure-sensitive touchpad and a separate Windows Copilot button on the keyboard. The ‘Pro 10’ should also have this, in addition to a webcam with a wider viewing angle and an NFC reader for business users.

The current Surface Laptop 5 and Pro 9.

In addition to the standard Intel version, both the Surface Laptop and the Surface Pro would come with a version with an arm processor: a custom Snapdragon X from Qualcomm. The devices must therefore be ready for the next version of Windows, with associated “next-gen AI functions”, and compete with Apple’s counterparts in terms of performance, security and economy.

A Surface Laptop Go refresh may also be planned for later next year. The new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are expected to be unveiled sometime next spring.

Source: Windows Central


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