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Apple can sell its watches again in the United States

Two high-end models of the Apple Watch will be able to go on sale again in the US after a federal court has temporarily lifted the suspension of their sales ordered by the International Trade Commission due to a patent dispute.

The federal agency, the International Trade Commission (ITC), ordered the suspension of sales of its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches in October to prevent Apple from using specific technologies that support an oxygen measurement system. in blood

The apple company has been involved in an intellectual property dispute with the medical technology company Masimo over these technologies.

Apple stopped selling its watches online in the United States last week, a few days before the Christmas holidays, to comply with the ITC ruling. The court’s action will allow sales of the two aforementioned Apple Watch models pending its decision while weighing Apple’s appeal.

The two watch models will be available in Apple’s online store today, Thursday at noon , according to the company. Although they will return to some Apple stores on Wednesday and greater availability is expected for Saturday.

Patent problems

This isn’t the first patent hurdle the Apple Watch has faced as the company transforms its watches into health management devices.

Last year, the ITC ruled that Apple had infringed on AliveCor’s wearable EKG technology, a decision the Biden administration refused to overturn. That dispute hasn’t directly affected Apple Watch sales yet because another regulatory body ruled that AliveCor’s technology is not patentable. The legal dispute over that issue still continues.

The patent issues Apple is facing as it tries to introduce more medical technology into its watch models make it increasingly likely that the company will have to start working on licensing deals or simply acquire new companies specializing in the field, Dan predicted. Ives, analyst at Wedbush Securities.


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