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"Cocoon": Five hours for the most interesting game of the year

What is a video game if not fun experimentation? Find out the character’s abilities and use your resources to conquer every obstacle, every level, every world, no matter how large. Observe the environment and discover the secrets hidden between the pixels and polygons. Every keystroke brings you closer to the possibilities that the game gives you – or not.

A number of blockbusters were released in this extraordinary year. Among other things, a new Assassin’s Creed , a new Baldur’s Gate , a new Spider-Man , all games with big budgets and equally large game worlds. In addition to them, games that were developed by small teams with comparatively few resources also triumphed this year. One of the most impressive is Cocoon , made by Danish indie studio Geometric Interactive. If you’re still looking for a special game around the holidays, you should choose Cocoon , which is available on all platforms for around 25 euros.


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