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adv: This system makes your life as a system builder a lot easier

This article is brought to you by Corsair iCue Link

If you, as a system builder, are not skilled in braiding, you are at a disadvantage. A modern system contains a tangle of cables. Think of the thick power cable, that annoying 12Vhwpr cable, the cables for USB, audio and front panel, and of course those for the cooling and RGB.

A clean build is the dream of many.

With iCue Link, Corsair offers a smart solution to the cable problem. Certainly the cables for the fans and RGB are increasingly becoming a problem. They create a messy appearance in your closet and restrict airflow. In addition, the RGB connectors are a minor disaster when building a system. They become loose quickly, causing the lights to sometimes work and sometimes not. You can solve this by attaching them together with a little tape, but that is of course not ideal.

Easier, clearer and better airflow: the advantages of iCue Link.

Corsair’s iCue Link is a complete ecosystem that solves these problems. Thanks to the combination of the power of PCI Express and USB, this system ensures that you maintain complete control. The iCue Hub is a block of 2.5 x 2.5 cm that is connected to a PCI Express power supply, USB and fan connection. In combination with Corsair’s versatile iCue software, you have everything you need to perfectly tune your system.

iCue Link is available in many products.

Corsair is making its range of iCue products increasingly complete. It already includes a number of AIO coolers and case fans. Knowing the manufacturer, you can expect the choice to increase. In addition to products for convenience seekers, Corsair also offers a number of products for those who want to build a custom watercourse. Here you will find pumps, a 4-way splitter and loose cables.

Cables come in different lengths.

With a hub you can control up to fourteen devices. You don’t have to set them yourself; they are detected in one go thanks to the smart connection. That makes the installation and configuration process a lot easier.

Case fans

Corsair offers both 12cm and 14cm fans with the iCue system. You can click these fans together. For example, if you want to mount three or four fans at the top or front of your system, a single cable is sufficient. That cable does not even have to run to the hub, but can also be connected to your AIO, for example.

The hub is included with a starter kit.

AIO coolers

Just like with the AIOs with traditional connections, Corsair offers a wide choice of models with iCue Link. This varies from models with a compact 240mm radiator to more extensive models with a 420mm radiator. There are roughly two variants: with RGB or with an LCD screen. The latter variant is of course slightly more expensive, but it offers the option of reading the temperature directly through the window of your cupboard.


In addition to AIO coolers, Corsair also offers products with iCue link with which you can build a custom watercourse. In this part of the program you will find pumps and coolers for your GPU and CPU. Separate cables and hubs are also available.

Knowing more? Check out this special iCue Link website.

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