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Nvidia Geforce RTX 5000 series should be ready to hit the market in one year

The Nvidia video cards that are intended to replace the current ‘Ada Lovelace’ generation; Blackwell should be ready to come to consumers around the holidays next year. This is according to a new video from Moore’s Law is Dead.

The YouTuber, now infamous for his many, relatively often correct, predictions about upcoming hardware, now predicts that the next generation of Nvidia video cards could see the light of day in Q4 of next year. This would mainly depend on the sales of RTX 4000 (Super) GPUs and when AMD would like to put its new RDNA 4 GPUs on the market. The RTX 5000 series should gain a lot in efficiency due to TSMC’s improved 3nm process. The clock speeds should also be able to increase considerably and, in combination with a significantly improved memory bandwidth, this in turn also improves performance. The performance in rasterization would not increase very much, but this could be adjusted somewhat by disabling more or fewer cuda cores compared to the previous generation. More available cuda cores means lower yields, but depending on what AMD’s competition looks like, Nvidia could adjust the performance level.

The Blackwell GPUs should be released around the same time as Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs and AMD’s new Strix APUs. These lines are both for laptops. Windows 12 may also have been released around that time, which would have an emphasis on ‘AI PCs’, which should stimulate the PC market somewhat. According to Tom from Moore’s Law is Dead, the RTX 5000 cards will be announced no later than CES 2025. Nvidia may release more information about the Blackwell architecture at GTC 2024.

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