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The metaverse is built from augmented reality

Virtual universes, which offer opportunities in numerous sectors of activity, can become factors of change in the way we use the Internet.

Although the emergence of artificial intelligence in the last year has partially eclipsed other technologies, the metaverse maintains its promise of unleashing a true revolution in the way we conceive and use the Internet in the future. “Augmented reality is the first natural step towards the metaverse, with different applications that already work in reality,” said Pepa Rojo, creative director of Meta in Iberia , yesterday at the meeting organized by EXPANSIÓN .

One of these use cases is facial recognition tools that are already used to unlock or give access to certain functions on mobile phones. It is not the only example: in the National Prado Museum, Meta ‘s technology has been used to create an augmented reality filter that allows the user to interact with some of the birds that Hieronymus Hieronymus painted in the triptych of The Garden of Earthly Delights . The company led by Mark Zuckerberg has made a firm commitment to lead the metaverse race.

Pepa Rojo emphasized that the metaverse makes it possible to establish a close connection with people who are not in the same physical environment, but “the success of this future has rules linked to responsibility, privacy, ethics and values, diversity and inclusion.

“After a first stage in which there was a lot of expectation around the metaverse, perhaps we are now in a consolidation phase,” said Soraya Cadalso, CEO and co-founder of Uttopion . This start up, which has developed the first metaverse created in Spain , offers virtual lands with different associated services that range from finance to art and insurance.

Cadalso explained that ” these virtual worlds or metaverses are the result of a cluster of different enabling technologies , and they focus on the simultaneity of users: they can interact and consume real content, in places where things happen and experiences are lived.” In this sense, artificial intelligence is one of the technologies with which the metaverse is called to coexist.

Regarding the practical usefulness of the metaverse, Pepa Rojo pointed out that there are multiple sectors that host interesting applications. Among others, the person in charge of Meta in Spain indicated that this virtual universe offers opportunities to innovate in the field of education that business schools have already begun to take advantage of. On a more industrial level, some companies already use this technology to create digital twins that facilitate maintenance and repair of breakdowns.

Likewise, the creative director of Meta was convinced that ” artificial intelligence and the metaverse are two very different technologies but that, inevitably, they are going to come together .”

For her part, Soraya Cadalso highlighted its potential for monitoring and assistance in the field of health , with cases that range from monitoring the heart in case of conditions such as atrial fibrillation to the attention of medical assistants in time. real.

Uttopion has also explored areas such as the world of art: in March of this year it collaborated with the Teatro Real to broadcast the first live opera in the metaverse. “It is a great opportunity to bring certain experiences or content closer to a generation that lives on these platforms,” said its CEO and co-founder.


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