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Digitalization: Bavaria's digital minister plans to ban faxes in authorities

Bavaria’s new digital minister Fabian Mehring (Free Voters) is planning a fax ban for the Free State authorities. “Fax machines are no longer up to date and are a relic from another time,” Mehring told the Augsburger Allgemeine . For many people, fax machines have long been a symbol of backwardness in digital transformation. “Our Bavaria is a high-tech country. We should therefore lead the way nationwide and be the first federal state to pull the plug on faxes in public administration,” said Mehring.

The minister wants to present measures to the Bavarian cabinet next year according to which, after a certain transition period, documents in Bavarian authorities should only be transmitted in digital form instead of by fax machine, the newspaper continues.

According to the Free Voters politician, Bavaria is the first federal state that wants to ban fax machines from its authorities and administrations across the board. In the summer, the state government stated the number of fax machines in its administrations at just under 4,000.

Fax machines are also still in use in the private sector. 82 percent of companies in Germany still use the devices to transfer documents at least occasionally, according to a representative survey published in May by the digital association Bitkom. However, a comparison with the survey values from previous years shows that communication in companies takes place via fax less and less.


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