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MSI Spatium M570 Pro PCIe 5.0 SSD reaches 12.4 GB/s thanks to large heatsink

MSI has introduced its latest PCIe 5.0 SSD with the Spatium M570 Pro. This model should distinguish itself by the use of a large heatsink, which should prevent throttling and allow performance to be maintained during heavy workloads.

The Spatium M570 Pro will be sold in capacities of 1, 2 and 4 TB. The 1TB model features 2GB of lpddr4 cache, followed by 4 and 8GB for its bigger brothers. Under the hood is a Phison E26 controller and “ultra-modern 3D NAND flash memory. By combining this with the large heatsink, it should be possible to achieve sequential read and write speeds of 12.4 and 11.8 GB/s (2 and 4 TB).

The SSD has a size of 94.8 x 24 x 71.65 millimeters. The heat is dissipated by means of three heat pipes and aluminum cooling fins, which are covered with a metal plate. Due to its relatively large size, it cannot be used when the m.2 slot is located under the graphics card.

In terms of lifespan, MSI mentions a TBW value of 700 TB for the 1 TB, 1,400 TB for the 2 TB and 3,000 TB for the 4 TB. They also enjoy a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The 2TB variant has a recommended retail price of 299 US dollars (the equivalent of 330 euros including VAT), but no price has yet been mentioned for the other versions.

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