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Asus ProArt case lets you know when to clean it

Asus has introduced its first separately available ProArt case. Like the other products in this series, the ProArt PA602 is aimed at professional creators. It is equipped with all kinds of gadgets that will come in handy during the installation and use of the system. The manufacturer has also paid attention to the cooling performance.

The case comes with two extra thick (38mm) 200mm fans behind the front panel, which consists of a grille and fine mesh. This panel is equipped with an infrared sensor that should be able to detect dust and other particles. When the removable filter needs to be cleaned, a light comes on on the side to inform users.

There is a pre-installed 140mm fan on the back, which has a thickness of 28 millimeters. At the top, users can place another three 120mm or 140mm fans. Anyone who wants to get started with water cooling can only install a radiator with a size of up to 420 mm at the top.

As for the core components, there is room for motherboards up to the eatx size (maximum 304.8 x 276.8 mm). Processor coolers can be up to 190 mm high, while video cards and power supplies up to 450 and 190 millimeters long are compatible. The built-in GPU holder can be used to prevent sagging. In terms of storage, there is room for up to four 3.5-inch HDDs and up to eight 2.5-inch SSDs.

In addition to the extensive I/O, Asus provides control for the fan hub and the option to lock the power button.

Next to the motherboard tray and at the bottom of the front, panels are positioned in a corner, so that fresh air can find its way more quickly to the parts to be cooled. The plates that cover the I/O of the upper PCIe slots are secured via a cover that can be loosened and tightened without tools. This should simplify the installation of plug-in cards.

Other features include extra space to hide a WiFi antenna above the rear fan, as well as a PWM hub for six fans and two rear wheels for easy movement.

The Asus ProArt PA602 is expected around the end of this year, with a suggested retail price of approximately 230 euros.

Source: Asus


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