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Telefónica improves the ERE offer but the unions reject it

Today Telefónica has improved the offer presented to the unions for the ERE by offering employees who receive more money in all age groups, but UGT considers that the offer is still very far from its demands. In addition, the telecom has offered a 1% salary increase in the agreement, which the unions have rejected. There will be another meeting on Thursday.

In today’s meeting, Telefónica has improved its proposal for the ERE by which it wants to get rid of a maximum of about 4,000 workers from its workforce in Spain.

Last week, Telefónica presented a proposal that was clearly worse than what workers were used to in the three previous voluntary leave plans, known as the Individual Separation Plan or PSI, which were launched in 2015, 2019 and 2021. In the In the first two, employees were offered 68% of the regulatory salary (fixed + variable + other components such as food checks, etc.). In the last PSI of 2021, the supply already dropped to 65%. But in last week’s proposal, Telefónica offered for those born in 1968 (55 years old) to earn 60% of the regulatory salary until the age of 63 and 30% until the age of 65. For older workers, who in the past refused to benefit from PSI, conditions are gradually worsening. Thus, for those born in 1967, 1966 or 1965 (56, 57 or 58 years old) it offers 55% of the salary until the age of 63 and also 30% until the age of 65. And finally for those born in 1964 or earlier (59 years or plus) offers 50% of the regulatory salary up to age 63 and 30% up to age 65.

Your offer today improves all age groups. For the youngest, born in 1968, the proposal increases from 60% to 63% until they turn 63 years old, and improves from 30% to 32% until they are 65 years old. Likewise, for workers from 1967, 1968 and 1969 (ages 56 to 58), the offer improves from 55% to 58% in the first section up to age 63 and from 30% to 32% up to age 65. In the last section, for those born in 1964 or before (59 years or older), it maintains 50% in the first section until age 63 and only improves it from 30% to 32% until age 65.

Whitout deal

However, this improvement in the company is far from fulfilling the ambitions of the unions who consider several elements unacceptable and who consider that the positions are still very far away. The first element that they do not accept is that Telefónica continues to maintain that there will be forced dismissals if the necessary voluntary resignations are not achieved. It also considers that it is necessary to allow voluntary departures of employees from critical areas (the most technological ones such as cybersecurity, cloud, etc.). Likewise, it requires that the conditions of all employees be improved: in the case of the youngest, those from 1968, they be similar to those of the PSI, that is, at least 65% of the regulatory salary. And in the case of older people, they should be more attractive.

On the other hand, the telecom has offered a 1% salary increase in the agreement that the unions have rejected. The company and the unions have called for a new meeting for the ERE next Thursday.


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