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Samsung shows 27" QD-OLED panel with 360Hz refresh rate and 32" model with pixel density record

Samsung Display has announced two new QD OLED panels for gaming monitors; one of 31.5″ and one with a 27″ diagonal. The first has a pixel density of 140ppi, which, according to the manufacturer, has the highest pixel density of all OLED monitors on the market so far. According to Samsung, the pixel density is comparable to that of a 65″-8k television. The company states that a special ‘ultra-precision’ inkjet printing technology has been applied to the QD layer to make this possible.

The smaller model has a peak refresh rate of 360Hz and a response time of 0.03ms. This makes this the first OLED monitor with such a high refresh rate, says the South Korean manufacturer. The company has used its proprietary AI algorithm Quantum Enhancer to achieve this refresh rate. Finally, the larger variant has a 4K resolution, while the 27″ model has 2560×1440 pixels (wqhd).

Samsung wants to start mass production of the 31.5″ panels this month. The intention is to ship monitors that use those panels early next year. The company does not say when the 27″ model will go into production.

The 31.5″ panel with UHD resolution (left), and the 27″ WQHD model

Source: Samsung


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