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Chinese manufacturer releases laptop with AMD's EPYC server processor and NVIDIA RTX 4080 desktop GPU

A Chinese manufacturer has released a beast of a laptop with both desktop and data center components. The device includes a 64-core Epyc server processor from AMD (with the choice of a 7713 or 9554, with a Zen3 and Zen4 architecture respectively), an RTX 4080 graphics card and built-in liquid cooling, including a high-pressure water pump and water tank.

The portable workstation has dimensions of 42.0×32.5×4.6cm with a 16.5″ display. The screen has a 2.5k resolution and a refresh rate of up to 240Hz. The total weight has not been disclosed, but it will undoubtedly not be light There are also three Ethernet ports and just as many USB-A connections. All ports are located on the front, because the water cooler takes up the other sides of the laptop.

The REV-9, as the laptop is called, will be available on the Chinese webshop Taobao from December 19. The price is not yet known, but the Epyc CPU alone is sold for between $7,000 and $9,000. The 9554 processor has a TDP of at most 350W and is expected to achieve a Cinebench R23 score of roughly 85,000 points.

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