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Prototypes of the iPhone 16: New camera configuration and new buttons

It is certain that a new iPhone will be released next year. There’s a good chance it will look a lot like the current model, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about possible changes. Colleagues at Macrumors have received details of some prototypes apparently circulating in Cupertino. Based on this information, they had mock-ups made of three variants, even down to the color.

Apple iPhone 16 rear mockup – source:

The yellow iPhone render features an iPhone X-style camera system, an action button and combination volume rocker. The pink variant also has an action button, but with separate volume buttons, while the black variant has a larger action button and a new “capture” button. According to Macrumors, the black variant has the greatest chance of the three. Although the three variants are very similar, the biggest difference is the vertical placement of the cameras. This would not only make it easier to recognize the new iPhone, but also indicate the possibility of recording spatial video, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro. The position of the flash does not change between models.

Apple iPhone 16 rear mockup – source:

The variant with the combined volume knob is one of the older prototypes and was originally part of the old “bongo project” to also give the volume knob haptic feedback. This feature was supposed to come to the iPhone 15 Pro, but was removed due to technical issues. The action button also comes from the iPhone 15 Pro. There is a good chance that the entire iPhone 16 series will no longer have a physical mute button. Only the size of the buttons differs between the prototypes, also because the larger variant will probably have a capacitive button.

Apple iPhone 16 side mockup – source:

The black model also has an additional button next to the power button, called the “capture” button. This is powered by the codename Project Nova. According to Macrumors, this would be a force sensor with “tact-switching” functionality, although the exact meaning of this is unknown. This capture button is in the same spot as the mmWave cutout in US iPhone models, so it should move to a different location on the device. It remains to be seen whether this button will make it to the final model.

Apple iPhone 16 side mockup – source:

There are no differences at the front compared to the current model. It still has the dynamic island, although some suggest this may disappear. In short, not much changes to the iPhone 16, except for some minor details. Of course, these are still early designs, so changes could still happen before the device is released in the fall of next year. We still have to get through winter, spring and summer before we find out more.

Apple iPhone 16 mockup front – source:

Sources: Macrumors, Techspot


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