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Valve advises against smelling the Steam Deck air exhaust

Since the introduction of the Steam Deck in early 2022, posts have been circulating from users sharing their experiences after smelling the air extracted by the handheld console’s cooling system. Peculiar or not, some say it is a pleasant scent. Redditor Metapod100 wondered what Valve thinks about this and contacted customer service.

The exhaust air from the recently introduced Oled version would smell less good than that from the original Steam Deck.

Not surprisingly, the company has responded that, as with all electronics, it is generally not advisable to inhale the ‘exhaust fumes’. Although they say there are no safety risks with general use, direct breathing of this air is “best avoided”.

While it is understood that it may be an internet meme, it is urged to avoid such behavior and in turn health problems. In any case, the aforementioned Reddit user appears not to be convinced of the answer and will “just keep doing it”.

Sources: Reddit, Tom’s Hardware, Eurogamer


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