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'Last Nvidia GTX GPUs will be shipped out soon: production of GTX 16 series will be stopped'

According to a post on the Chinese Board Channels forum, Nvidia will stop mass production of all GTX 16 GPUs early next year. This means that after this month board partners will no longer be able to purchase chips from this product line for the production of video cards. They are the last products to use the GTX branding, as all modern team green SKUs have the RTX prefix.

The GTX 16 series is based on the Turing architecture and uses two chips built on TSMC’s 12nm process. TU117 is used for the GTX 1630 (and sometimes also the GTX 1650), while TU116 is aimed at the GTX 1650, GTX 1650 Super, GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti. Depending on the exact GPU, the recommended retail price is a maximum of 299 euros.

Nvidia has not released a Founders Edition for the GTX 16 series.

Nvidia introduced the first GPU with the RTX brand name in August 2018 with the RTX 2080. RTX refers to the latest features, including ray tracing and DLSS. The GTX 1660 Ti followed as the first GTX 16 model in February 2019. Due to the lower computing power and the lack of RTX functionality, this GPU was aimed at the lower segment. So far, it appears to be the latest GTX models, as the designation is absent from the RTX 30 and 40 series.

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