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Finetwork increases its workforce by 22% in 2023 to 338 employees

Finetwork, the telecommunications company of Alicante origin that uses the Vodafone network, has reported having created a total of 99 jobs in the last year, increasing its workforce by 22%. With these additions, the operator now has 338 employees between its headquarters in Madrid, Elda and Alicante, of which practically half (49%) are women.

The firm points out that the increase in hiring is driven by the growth that the company has experienced, which recently announced having reached one million customers, of which approximately 700,000 are mobile lines and about 300,000 are fixed broadband lines. By the end of 2023, it expects to reach 1.02 million customers, 19% more than the previous year. The goal for 2024 is to exceed one and a half million customers. Born in 2015, in 2019 it made the leap to the national market and since then its income and clients have not stopped growing. Recently, Óscar Vilda, its new CEO, pointed out that between January and September, Finetwork managed to increase its income by 13% in revenue and a 12% increase in adjusted EBITDA. And its forecast is to close the 2023 financial year with a turnover of 150 million euros, which represents a growth of 22%, and an adjusted EBITDA of 13 million, 12% more.

89% indefinite

Of all new jobs created in 2023, 88.9% are permanent. In addition, Finetwork ‘s employment offer has been very varied, offering positions such as call center teleoperator, administrative, developer, territorial sales manager and project manager , among others. In 2023, new business areas have been launched, such as Business, Purchasing and Digital Transformation, which will continue to grow throughout next year. Likewise, in recent months the Brand and Communication department has been reinforced and a new Management Committee has been established. The average age of new hires is 39 years.

At the same time, Finetwork promotes the creation of indirect employment in its telesales, direct sales and distribution channels, contributing to the generation of approximately 2,000 jobs. By the end of the year, the company plans to have a force of around 700 telesales agents for the residential segment (B2C) and 200 additional agents for the SME and self-employed business (B2B). In direct sales, the volume of commercials will exceed 200 for the residential market and 150 for the B2B segment at the end of the year. In relation to its retail strength, the operator is developing an ambitious plan to reach 200 exclusive stores by 2025, which will involve the creation of more than 400 jobs. Finally, Finetwork is present in approximately 1,200 non-exclusive points of sale, contributing fundamentally to the sustainability of its workforce.


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