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Ex-developer Rockstar speaks out about delayed PC release GTA VI

On December 5, Rockstar Games unveiled the first trailer for GTA VI. This has revealed that the game will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. As with its predecessor, it looks like PC gamers will have to wait longer to get started. A former Rockstar employee explains on YouTube what could be the reason for this delay.

It is not clear when the game will be released on PC.

According to Mike York, who worked as an animator on GTA V, a AAA developer like Rockstar mainly wants to prioritize the platform that generates the most money. For this reason, the focus was initially on the PS3 version, which was released in September 2013. The game was only released on PC in April 2015.

With this extra time it should be possible to refine the PC variant. This is not just referring to bugs. Thanks to the extra computing power, new elements can be added that are not present in the console version, such as NPCs or adjustments to the environment. In addition, there are countless combinations of PC parts, which makes it difficult to make optimizations.

Sources: York Reacts (YouTube), PCGamesN


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