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"The Day Before": Dead after five days

There are many reasons why video games don’t live up to their hype. Some are more than a decade in the making, only to disappoint ( Duke Nukem Forever ). Others are struggling with serious technical problems at the time of release ( Cyberpunk 2077 ). Others promise features that don’t make it into the final game ( The War Z ). And still others promise a game that may not even exist.

As in the case of The Day Before.

Last Thursday, the game – or at least a game – was released as a pre-release version, as an early access title, on the Steam gaming platform at a price of 40 euros. Today, Tuesday, the developers at Fntastic Games pulled the plug. The game is no longer available, the company’s YouTube channel and the founders’ social media accounts have been deleted. Fntastic Games’ website states that the studio has been dissolved. The Day Before currently has more than 20,000 “extremely negative” reviews on Steam.


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