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Microsoft is investigating issue that prevents Outlook users with more than 500 subfolders from sending emails

Microsoft says it is investigating an issue that may prevent some users from sending emails through Outlook Desktop. This would only concern the small group of users who have created more than five hundred subfolders on their main account. Such users see the error code 0x80040305 when they try to email.

This ‘bug’ has been present in Outlook for years, but only now are enough users experiencing it to have Microsoft investigate it. The Outlook team says that the limit was initially introduced because it would be too expensive to support more than five hundred folders. However, Microsoft already increased the number of folders for shared accounts to 5,000 in 2019, because the limit was exceeded relatively quickly for many users. However, the limit was not increased for primary accounts, but it now appears that that will change soon.

Until then, Microsoft mentions two temporary workarounds. The first makes the most sense: delete as many subfolders until there are fewer than 500 (the Outlook team recommends keeping the number under 450 to be safe). The second workaround mentioned is to keep all folders collapsed instead of expanded. In addition, Microsoft recommends that users avoid certain online actions, such as “View on server” and “Click here to view more in Microsoft Exchange.” It is not yet clear when a fix will be released.

Source: Microsoft


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