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5 Of The Highest User-Rated Air Compressors At Harbor Freight

If you need a big air compressor, the McGraw 175 PSI option comes in at 21 gallons. This makes it far larger than some of the other compressors on the list, and it comes with some differences. A major one is the fact that it sits vertically and looks more like a canister than a machine. Outside of that, it shares a welcomed feature with some of the other options in that it’s completely oil-free. McGraw also says this is up to 25% quieter than similar air compressors, so don’t expect it to make a ton of noise while using it. It costs $279.99 from Harbor Freight’s website, and user reviews for the compressor are 4.7 out of five.

With this being a larger compressor, it’s going to be best suited for a permanent workplace like a garage, but it’s mobile enough with wheels that you can take it around places. It weighs 88 pounds, so it’s probably not going to be great for hauling it back and forth between work sites, and one of the lighter options would be better for that. With that said, if you’re aware of its limitations, it’s tough to go wrong with McGraw’s air compressor.


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