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5 Of The Best Raspberry Pi Projects For Beginner Coders

The Pi-Sense is a great entry-level Raspberry Pi project you can easily put together over the weekend. It was originally designed as a handy tool for scientists who need to monitor the environment where their experiments are done. However, it’s also an excellent project to simply test out your Python skills and hardware knowledge.

The Pi-Sense monitors various environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, rain, flame, and even motion, which will then be displayed on an LCD screen for easy viewing. There’s also a buzzer connected to the system to indicate the presence of rain, motion, and flame. With just this basic functionality, the Python code for this project is as short as 39 lines. This makes it easy to study for beginners, quick to implement, and readily scalable to more components if you please.

However, if you find this setup too basic and want to up the challenge, the project’s developer also made two other versions: one with a computer interface and another using a web interface. The computer interface, powered by Tkinter, is essentially a desktop app. It shows the status of all five conditions (temperature, humidity, motion, rain, and flame), along with a graph of the temperature changes over time. This version has a slightly longer code, about 100 lines, but is explained by the developer line by line, so you can easily follow along. The web interface, on the other hand, uses the Flask framework, offering you the opportunity to dabble not only with Python but also with HTML.


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