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10 Of The Most Impressive Naturally Aspirated Engines Ever Made

The bespoke heart of Gordon Murray’s T.50 hypercar, the Cosworth GMA is unlike any V12 engine before it. That’s true in the most literal sense: every single part of the engine was custom-designed for the project, with nothing shared with any other production engine. It’s a magnet for superlatives, boasting the lightest weight, highest power density, and highest rpm limit of any V12 road car, according to Gordon Murray Automotive. The T.50 serves as the spiritual successor to Murray’s most famous hypercar design, the McLaren F1.

The McLaren F1 pushed the boundaries of what was possible in terms of performance and design, while the T.50 moved those goalposts once again. Its 344 lb-ft of torque and 654 horsepower doesn’t sound too groundbreaking at first, but considering it takes just 0.3 seconds for the engine to reach the rev limiter from idle, it’s safe to say those initial numbers don’t tell the full story. That redline, for context, sits at 12,100 rpm.

Only 100 examples of the road-legal T.50 have been built, so the chances for enthusiasts to actually see one of these exceptional engines in action are limited. Nevertheless, anyone lucky enough to be attending the likes of Goodwood or Pebble Beach should keep an ear out -– the T.50 possesses a howl like no other modern hypercar.


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