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5 Of The Best Apps To Stay Connected With Friends And Family

Instagram is another part of Meta’s near-monopoly on messaging apps — though it does offer something a little different. It’s multi-platform, and connecting to people on Instagram is very easy. You can simply look up their unique username and follow them, plus they can choose to follow you back. In terms of functionality, Instagram’s messaging system is near-identical to Facebook Messenger — though there are some cosmetic differences. You can share videos, images, and text messages on the platform, set up a group chat, make video calls, and voice chat to your heart’s content.

It’s also an easy way to share the content the platform is famous for. If your “conversations” with certain individuals essentially amount to sending each other short clips of cats doing stupid things, then this is the perfect messaging platform for you. As with other Meta messaging apps, the messages are encrypted and if someone is annoying you, it’s easy to block them.

Beyond that, the app is a great way to share regular photos and other life events. Not every interaction needs to be a long conversation. A short comment or “like” on a picture of your lunch is still a form of interaction, and things like this can help you keep some form of connection with long-time acquaintances you don’t see much. You can also strategically use the app, a hotel stay, and a rented supercar, to make it look like you’re living an affluent lifestyle. This may fool folks who you went to high school with, but it will make those close to you think you’re a bit sad.


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