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Here’s Why The Subaru Exiga Would Have Never Survived In The US

Subaru’s Exiga began as a concept vehicle, debuting at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Unlike some concept vehicles, this was not intended as an outlandish show-stopper but rather a logical extension of something Subaru already offered. A literal extension, too, you might say, of the Subaru Legacy (which would be shortly discontinued).

The Exiga shortly made its way to production in a guise that somewhat differed from the initial concept. It arrived in Japan in June 2008, sporting options that made it clear that the vehicle was a serious investment for Subaru and that there were expectations upon it to perform. To that end, it boasted the Subaru Intelligent Drive system, turbocharge capacity, and a solid set of specs at 4,400 rpm of torque and 5,600 rpm. It was also capable of hitting 180 mph.

It is a formidable five-door vehicle that seats seven but boasts boons like multi-link suspension and unique less-angular appeal. Even so, it wasn’t deemed a fit for the United States.


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