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Students With iPhones Will Appreciate These Helpful Homework Apps

If, like most students, you frequently struggle with math more than any other subject, then Mathway might be for you. This learning app is dedicated to answering math homework, covering a spectrum from Algebra to Statistics, and even extends to math-related Chemistry and Physics problems.

Mathway’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. When you open the app, you can only see three main tabs: Camera, Keyboard, and History. The camera tab is where you can snap a photo of your handwritten or printed math problem.

The keyboard tab, on the other hand, is for instances when you want to type the problem instead. It features different keyboards specialized for each subject. For instance, the Trigonometry keyboard includes keys like sin, cos, and tan, while the Physics keyboard has Greek alphabet keys. Additionally, if you prefer dictating the problem, you can do so from the keyboard tab. Finally, the history tab contains a log of the problems you previously asked about.

After inputting your question on the app, Mathway will ask you how you’d like the problem to be solved. The options vary depending on the question asked but could include things like “Find the Roots,” “Solve for x,” and “Graph.” Once you’ve selected an approach, Mathway breaks down the solution for you step-by-step, explaining the process as short and simple as possible. While Mathway is indeed a handy app, it’s important to note that Mathway isn’t a free service. To access the solutions, you’ll need a Mathway+ account.


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