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Yamaha’s Retro-Inspired CDC603RK: A Five-Disc CD Player For Nostalgic Vibes

Yamaha has introduced the CDC603RK CD Player, a throwback to the year 2001, offering a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the Y2K era. This rack-mountable CD player features a full-opening disc tray with five CD slots, allowing users to load multiple CDs simultaneously. The design aims to enhance the user experience during house parties and gatherings.

A notable feature highlighted by Yamaha is the PlayXchange, enabling users to change any or up to four of the five CDs while the currently playing CD continues uninterrupted. The device offers two playback modes: ‘play mode memory’ allows music to continue even after the CD player is disconnected from power, while ‘ready mode’ pauses music after a song concludes.

Yamaha has incorporated the Pure Direct feature, also found in their amplifiers and receivers — Pure Direct allows users to disable the digital audio output and display, ensuring the analog audio output maintains the highest quality with minimal noise interference; Users can activate this feature using a button on the front panel or the CD player’s remote control.

Bad News for US and UK Customers

However, availability may pose a challenge for potential buyers in the US and UK, as TechRadar reports that the Yamaha CD-C603 is currently only accessible in Europe and Australia. The pricing for the CD player is €599 (~$644) in Europe and $899 in Australia.

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