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Here’s How Far Volvo’s New EM90 Electric Minivan Will Go On A Single Charge

Volvo currently has four electric SUVs. While they aren’t as large as the EM90 minivan, they are still sizable vehicles. All four electric SUVs range between 275-300 miles, with the seven-seat EX90 SUV reaching the top of that range. In their vehicle testing, Volvo claims that the EM90 has a range of 738 km, approximately 459 miles. 

That number came from testing, so it may shrink once the vehicle sees regular consumer use. Even if it’s 50 or 100 miles under expectations, that is still much more range than other electric Volvo SUVs and above Tesla’s Model X and Model Y SUVs, which top out at 333 miles.

The EM90 runs on a sizable 116 kWh battery, a step up from the 111 kWh for the EX90, and the motor has a 200 kW output. Those specs are similar to another China-exclusive minivan, the Zeekr 009, announced in 2022. The same parent company, Geely, owns Zeekr and Volvo, so the comparison makes sense.

Though the two share the same size battery in their standard configurations, the Zeekr 009 has the upper hand if you upgrade to the 140 kWh battery, allowing you a reported 511 miles. Again, these numbers are just based on tests, but if its real-world numbers are anywhere near that, it will be quite impressive. The Volvo EM90 doesn’t have this option, but if the battery truly lasts 459 miles, you may not need an upgrade.


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