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Google Rolls Out “AI Core” Update For Pixel 8 Pro Devices

Google has initiated the deployment of its inaugural AI Core update for Pixel 8 Pro users, introducing a new application aptly named AI Core. This app, as described on the Google Play Store, serves as the powerhouse behind various Android features, supplying apps with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) models.

It is worth mentioning that AI-driven functionalities operate directly on the user’s device, utilizing cutting-edge foundational models, and, to ensure the continued intelligence of these features, the device autonomously updates the AI models.

AI Core also takes charge of managing these updates while extending AI functionality to other applications. Since the introduction of the Android 14 update, Pixel phones and tablets, including all Tensor devices examined, have contained a background service known as a “stub” for AI Core. This service functions similarly to Android System Intelligence or Private Compute Services, operating discreetly in the background without direct user interaction.

Despite its inconspicuous nature, the App info page offers access to “Additional settings in the app.” Here, users encounter a singular toggle for “Enable AICore Persistent,” allowing AI Core to carve out memory and operate persistently. Importantly, this feature is turned off by default, and end users are advised not to toggle it. Alternatively, access to this setting can be found in the Developer options.

No love for Pixel 8 or older Pixel devices (at least, not yet)

The update is currently being broadly disseminated to all Pixel 8 Pro devices running both stable and beta (QPR1 + QPR2) releases. The application transitions from version 0.release.539035001 to 0.release.582652206. A teardown of the app affirms that this update is specifically tailored for the “husky” (8 Pro) model, with no indication of a corresponding update for the Pixel 8 or earlier devices at this time.

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