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Senthilkumar of DMK clarifies ‘Gaumutra’ remark following controversy, says ‘used it before’

DNV Senthilkumar S, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) MP from Dharmapuri constituency of Tamil Nadu Tuesday clarified his ‘Gaumutra states’ remark in Lok Sabha — hours after it stoked a controversy — saying that his remark is “not a controversial statement” and that he has used it before in his Parliament speeches adding that if it hurts somebody, “he will try to avoid using it next time”, reported ANI.

“I made some statements inside the House. At the time Home Minister and BJP members were present in the House. I have used this before in my Parliament speeches…It is not a controversial statement. Although, if it hurts somebody, I will try to avoid using it next time. I will try to use some other words to mention where the BJP is strong in getting their votes,” ANI quoted the DMK MP as saying.

“Nobody has come and told me so far that my statements have hurt their sentiments,” he added.

A massive controversy erupted today after the DMK MP called the Hindi heartland states ‘Gaumutra’ states in a statement in Lok Sabha. Senthilkumar made the statement in reference to the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in recently concluded assembly elections in three states – Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh.

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Targeting the BJP government, the Lok Sabha MP from Dharmapuri said that Union Territories always look toward becoming states. But under the BJP’s rule, states have become a Union Territory.

“Union Territories always look toward becoming States. But this is the first case where a state has become a Union Territory. BJP has just won many of the state elections. When they are not able to win a state they make it a Union Territory where they can have control over the governor and can run governance through them. If they were confident of a win there they would have not made it,” Senthilkumar said.

“So the people of this country should think that the power of this BJP is only winning elections mainly in the heartland states of Hindi, what we generally call the ‘Gaumutra’ states,” he added.

Reacting to his statement, former Congress MP Milind Deora said that DMK must realise that its reckless remarks only weaken the efforts of the INDIA Alliance.

Several BJP leaders lashed out at the DMK MP for his words and even suggested he take mental treatment.

“Those hurling abuses at Hindi-speaking states need to take mental treatment. Under the leadership of PM Modi, in the coming elections, these people will be given a treatment,” Bihar BJP leader Nawal Kishore Yadav told ANI.

Hitting out at the DMK, Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi called Senthilkumar’s comment a “sheer disrespect of Sanatani tradition”, adding that “DMK will soon get to know the benefits of ‘Gaumutra’. They are very well aware that this will not be tolerated by the people of the country.”


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